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Welcome to Balticon 58!

The Baltimore Science Fiction Society is hosting Balticon 58 as a hybrid in-person/virtual convention over Memorial Day weekend, May 24 — 27, 2024.

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Floor 5
Dealer Room, Artists' Alley, Main Tent, Art Show, Con Ops, Fan Tables, Gaming, Restaurant, Autographs, Science, Artist Alley, Con Suite
Floor 6
Quiet Lounge, Medical, Video, Music, Readings
Floors 7 & 12
Children's, Workshops
Turn right after exiting elevator lobby to find program rooms.

Quick Reference

All times are listed in EDT.

Accessibility: Floor 5, Lobby
Fri1 PM—10 PM
Sat10 AM—7 PM
Sun10 AM—5 PM
Mon10 AM—1:30 PM
Art Show: Floor 5, Maryland A/B
Fri5 PM—7 PM & 8 PM—9 PM
Sat10 AM—8 PM
Sun10 AM—1 PM & 2 PM—5 PM
Mon11 AM—2 PM
Artist Alley: Floor 5, Lobby
Fri2 PM—7 PM
Sat & Sun10 AM—7 PM
Mon10 AM—2 PM
Table hours may vary for participation in panels, workshops, or other events.
Con Ops: Floor 5, Fells Point (past elevators)
Friday 2 PM through Monday 5 PM
Phone: 410-574-1200
Con Suite: Floor 5, Baltimore A
Fri4 PM—2 AM
Sat & Sun8 AM—2 AM
Mon8 AM—2 PM
Food service ends by Monday 1 PM.
Dealer Room: Floor 5, Baltimore B & Maryland E/F
Fri2 PM—7 PM
Sat & Sun10 AM—7 PM
Mon10 AM—2 PM
Gaming: Floor 5, Watertable
Hal Haag Memorial Game Room
A: Role Playing Games
Fri2 PM—Mon3 PM
B: Tabletop Games
Fri2 PM—2 AM
Sat & Sun10 AM—2 AM
Mon10 AM—2 PM
C: Video Games
Fri4 PM—9 PM
Sat & Sun12 PM—9 PM
Mon12 PM—2 PM
Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel
202 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Info Desk: Floor 5, Lobby
Same hours as Registration; after hours see Con Ops.
Registration: Floor 5, Lobby
Fri 4 PM—7 PM & Sat 10 AM—Noon
Green Room: Homeland
Sat 6 PM — end of Masquerade
Professional Photography: Guilford
opens 6 PM
Fan Photography: Guilford
opens 9 PM
Workmanship Judging: Guilford
opens 6:30 PM
Return of judged materials: Guilford
Sunday 10:00 AM (@Show and Tell)
Medical: Floor 6, Room 6017
Fri1 PM—3 AM
Sat & Sun9 AM—3 AM
Mon10 AM—2 PM
Open Filk: Floor 6, Kent
Fri10 PM—2 AM
Sat & Sun10 PM—2 AM
Mon2:30 PM—7 PM
Quiet Room: Floor 6, 6019
This room will remain open during the con, but may not be quiet after 8pm.
Registration: Floor 5, Lobby
Please have your ID ready to be verified at badge pickup.
Fri1 PM—10 PM
Sat8:45 AM—7 PM
Sun8:45 AM—5 PM
Mon10 AM—1:30 PM
Reporting: All reports can be made anonymously.
Code of Conduct violations and harassment can be reported
  • with Con Ops in Fells Point,
  • by email to,
  • or by phone, using the number posted at Ops.
COVID-19 exposure:
  • If you develop symptoms of COVID or test positive within 10 days of the con, please report it to to facilitate contact tracing.
Sales Table: Floor 5, outside Federal Hill
Fri2 PM—6:30 PM
Sat10:30 AM—6:30 PM
Sun10:30 AM—5:00 PM
Mon10:30 AM—2 PM
Smoking Area: Floor 7, Fresh Air Patio
7 AM — 10 PM daily
Volunteer Desk: Floor 5, Lobby (with Sales)
Same as Sales.
Watertable Restaurant and Bar: Floor 5
WiFi: all areas
Network: Renaissance_CONF
Password: Balticon

Invited Participants Only:

Program Ops: Floor 5, Fells Point (past elevators)
Please check in after you collect your badge from Registration.
Fri1 PM—7 PM
Sat9 AM—6 PM
Sun9 AM—4 PM
After hours see Con Ops.
Green Room: Floor 12, Presidential Suite
Fri3 PM—8:30 PM
Sat9:30 AM—8 PM
Sun9:30 AM—8:30 PM
Mon9:30 AM—3 PM

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